PS - I Love You

How I wish I don't know you in the first place.
How I wish I kept my promise before, to let the wish alive and to hold my promise to meet you 7-8 years later.
How I wish that I wouldn't be in this situation, Ya Allah, it's so hard for me to handle this. It's just too hard.
How I wish that all this was just a game, so that the I knew it wasn't true, and get everything to the very beginning.
How I wish that I could turn back time, keep all my feelings inside, and let it run free, keeping my promise 7-8 years tightly and let it live.

I hope hope the best for me. And always, the best for you.


  1. so you promise to met the person after 7-8 years ago? during you was in form one?

  2. nope. it was a promise i made to myself 2 years back. to meet again after 7-8 years later.

  3. its not to late to fukfill that promise

  4. fulfill.. my bad..typo