I wish I could turn back time. Back to DYEA.
She was alone that night. Without roommates.
One had left for home. The other one went outside.
She was alone. I was outside, with other guys at the mamak stall nearby.
She said she was alone. Lonely. Asking for me, if I could be her company for a silent night.
I was outside I told her. I will be right back with you afterwards I said.
It's already 2pm. I had just arrived at my room. I called her.
She was asleep, she told me. How I wish I wasn't outside moments before.
So, that I could be her company that night.
Because she was alone. She was lonely. I was outside.
The next day, right after breakfast, I went to the swimming pool.
She would like to join, but she can't.
Right after all of us preparing for home. She was sitting on the couch. Waiting for me, at least to talk to her.
But I didn't. I kept quiet. Until I went home. Leaving her, all by herself.
Sekarang tak guna dah menyesal. Berdoa pada Allah, agar semua kembali seperti sediakala.
I don't ask for a new life, I don't ask for something better. I am asking for one more opportunity, a last one. With my current life, and same thing that I didn't appreciate before. That's it. Don't change anything. I will. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..


  1. setiap petemuan ada maknanya.
    setiap petemuan ada kebaikkannya
    perpisah bukan bermaksud penghujung cerita

    just don't take things for granted. take everything as they are precious.

  2. yeah.
    just don't take things for granted, take everything as they are precious.
    thanks a lot.

  3. luqmal hadi ke nih? cm x caye. haha

  4. memang cari pasal.. memang.. apa yang tak percaya-nya?

  5. welcome :D that is what friend are for

  6. wei,pehal nie?jom duk tepi blok..cite kt aku..