Berapa lama kau berjalan, baru kau sedar, saat kau berpaling, itu semua kegelapan.

They said that, there is always one place where you go and you tell yourself, "I've found my paradise". Where you can stay there, for all eternity without realizing that the time passes, you grew old, beard and all that growing up stuff.
Where it is the most special place for you and your soul mate, just spending the time together. Just the two of you.
Where you can just sit, spend the time, besides your soul mate, doing nothing, not even talking, or at least reading a book.

 Well, I have met the person, until everything left and I had nowhere to go.
 Just like a wanderer, without a place to go, without a reason to be somewhere.
Just wandering, like the poor-old beggar, looking for a shelter for the night. Well, at least looking for a warm place to kill the time.
 And, time passes, I am still looking for the lights.
At least, a reason.

 Dan, dah berapa lama kau berjalan, baru kau sedar, saat kau berpaling, berpaling ke arah kegelapan.

 At least, for now I've found my reason, to keep on smiling, to keep on living, the least, to keep searching. 

I've found the reason, why I felt so empty.
 Imagine, you crashed, on a car accident, paramedics found out that you just lost your backbone. So, how's that madaffaka?
See, I should have committed suicide, just so you know those who at least damaged their backbones might went numb, for all the life the Lord spared. This time, the backbones, went missing, the worst consequence you can have is no other except than dying.

 All the advise that she had given, keep in this tiny heart of mine I will. :)