the trilogy

this is the BOOK!
ak rase kn..
cornelia funke wrotes almost-masterpiece kot..
ianye sgt menarik cite nih doe..
this story, about Mo and meggie searching for Resa,
Mo`s wofe and Meggie`s mom.
Dustfinger plop, going home and Capricorn..
puaskan nafsu..

ni, sambungan nye..
p syo blum bace laaa..
tp dlm perkireaan nye,
dustfinger mati, tapi farid,
yg kuar dr dlm 40 thieves tu,
jadi jahat, utk hidupkn smule Dustfinger,
his former companion kan,kan

ni penghabisan trilogy,
alor cm lord of the rings gitu, xpn x-men dan juge pirates of caribbean(tp ak rase pirate s of caribbean tuh ad lg la..xkn la mati gtu je kot elizabeth ngan will)
inkspell pn blum dbace,
pe tah lg inkdeath,
tp lepas short synopsis..
dlm inkdeath,
mo turns to a thief,
and meggie love another guy and leaves farid behind,
(she actually admire farid, in inkheart.)
dustfinger came alive,
and many more happens..
but finally,
Mo, Megi, and Resa decided to stay happily ever after in inkheart(the land, full of medieval castle`s and the sort thingy laa)
be known tat in inkspell and inkdeath,
theres another protagonist besides capricorn..

till now!

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