this film,
you should watch, nah, not should, must watch movie..
this movie is about a guy, named Mo, casted by the former The Mummy trilogy hero!
Mo is guy who whenever he reads book, things dat he said would come alive(kalau lah ak MO, hari2 sebut keira knightley)
one day, when he was reading a book for his 3 years old daughter, Meggie (the book entitled INKHEART)
suddenly the characters came alive,
they were Dustfinger(adore him much!), Capricorn(si botak!), Basta(kulinye botak), and gwin, Dustfinger`s companion.
dustfinger wanna go back into the book whereas capricorn refuse to..
but then,
Mo in search of that book(inkheart)
to save Resa, his wife cause she got into INKHEART as dustfinger, capricorn, gwin and basta came out..

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