Mitch Albom

Tuesday`s with Morrie

the first book which is best-seller, written by Mitch Albom, sportswriter.

it was all about, mitch(himself laa, based on true story oke!!)
met his former highschool teacher.
it is after a many years mitch left school..
when he met his best-buddy in high-school(tht ws his teacher)
he`s dying(goddamn pathetic) gurunye,
Morrie Schwartz.
his father a Russian,
mother, mexican kot(lupe la) who live in Bronx(seriously?)
mother dies when he and his brother dont even know,
`can i hv some pocket money to buy sthg`
morrie`s brother is suffering from a deadly disease..
this book reveals..
a life of a Happy-Go-Lucky person..
at young learns a hard life..
and during his best-days,
regretting his young days..
and be kind to others and practicess...
kindness the thing he never learn from a father to everybody.
when he ws dying (when mitch decided to meet him)
they arranged that mitch should make a visit to Morrie`s..
to learn last,life greatest lesson..
they`re called the tuesday people as they met everyday tuesday..
wanna know what`s the life greatest lesson?
grab the book la duhh..
and the saddest thing is..
Morrie died on Tuesday..
cause they`re Tuesday People
and, Mitch will always remember..
the Tuesdays with Morrie

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